Educating the Whole Child.



Karen Vanderlaan

School Counselor

I am looking forward to my second year here at Greenwood and want you to know that I cherish the relationships of all our students, parents and staff.

A bit about me-

I grew up on a wondrous dairy farm in a very small town in Eastern Vermont. I attended school there in a one-room school house with one teacher and 5 grades. The school had no running water and was very strict. I look at it as a very good education. I moved to Tennessee at the age of 12. I went to 11th grade in Mississippi, and graduated from high school in California. For a few years I played drums and guitar in a gospel band and at the age of 20, moved to Utah and attended Weber State University where (eventually) I graduated with a teaching degree and then received a Master’s in School counseling from The University of Phoenix. I spend 29 years in the Ogden area teaching SPED children with a focus on behavior and then retired from Ogden City to be here at Greenwood as the school counselor.

 I have three wonderful children who are all grown up and five grandchildren who have stolen my heart. I am an avid equestrian and have taught riding lessons and trained horses as well as competing in the sport eventing here in Utah and surrounding areas. I am an author as well and have written and published four books.

I have had many life experiences as well as professional experiences and training which have prepared me for my roll here at Greenwood and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know and interact with our families.

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