Educating the Whole Child.



Yvonne McGaha

Intervention Paraprofessional

Growing up in San Jose, California, then Perry, Utah, I had the privilege of being blessed with some great mentors, teachers, and influences in my life.  This helped me realize that I wanted to be to young people the person I had needed when I was young.

I didn’t know right away how I would influence young people, so I entered college thinking I wanted to be an engineer.  After a year of college & having taken a couple of Psychology classes, I was hooked.  I knew I wanted to work with young people and help them succeed in life.  I went on to receive my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from Utah State University.

I then worked at Bear River Head Start as a Home Educator, working with parents to prepare their children for Kindergarten.  I also worked at Bear River Mental Health as a Skills Development Specialist, mainly assisting children with acquiring appropriate ways to handle situations, their emotions, and communicating effectively.

I have a couple of philosophies when working with young minds.  One is this:  The kids don’t care how much I know until they know how much I care.  I show how much I care about them by forming relationships with the students & trying to help them find their strengths so they will believe in themselves the way I believe in them and be empowered to take charge of their learning & success.

The other philosophy I follow is:  Learning doesn’t have to be boring, so incorporate play & fun whenever possible.  This goes for preschool-aged kids up to adults.  We all seem to learn more effectively when we do it through play.  

Along with enjoying working with young people, I also enjoy writing children’s and young-adult books, gardening, biking, cooking, and spending time with my family.  My husband and I have a blended family -- he has two children, I have one child, and together we have another one, giving us four awesome kids altogether.  Our two oldest kids, both boys, served in our country’s military (Army & Air Force), & we are extra proud of them for that.  The other two, a daughter and another son, live at home and are 21 and 11 years old, and we are very proud of the young people they are as well. 

My future plans include getting my Master’s Degree in School Counseling and/or Teaching, finishing some more books, and traveling to see more of our beautiful planet.  And just as an added note:  I am also a Certified Paralegal, a Certified Mediator, a Certified Professional Organizer, a Certified Scuba Diver, and a Licensed Ham Radio Operator. :)  

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