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Parents will have a Compass account login and are encouraged to check their student's attendance, and lunch balance. Weekly checking of student progress and school volunteer opportunities is an excellent way for parents to keep current with class events, progress on class goals, and important upcoming dates and events. Research shows that parent participation makes a huge difference in the schools success of children! If you haven't already, log in to create your family account with GreenWood to view attendance, create a local carpool, review lunch account balances, schedule conferences, and log volunteer hours.  Contact office at for student information.

Steps to Compass Login


Login + Create New Account

Go to Compass Website

You will be presented with a login screen. To create a Guardian account click the "New Account" button.


Add Information

  • Enter your First and Last name.
  • Enter your E-mail address this will become your username. 
  • Enter your password twice. 
  • Answer the math question and put it in the last box. 
  • Click Add. Answer the math question here.


Student Management

Once your account has been created you will be presented with the "Student Management" screen. On this screen you can link your students to your account. Click the green plus icon to add the first student.


Student Information

You will need 3 pieces of information - your student's Student ID #, Student Birthdate, and Student Pin #.  You will need to contact the office for the Pin # if you have not received it via email.  Each student has a unique Pin #.  Click "Add" once you have entered in all the information.

Learner Goal & Student Led Conference Sign-Up

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