Educating the Whole Child.

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Charter School in Weber County, UT

GreenWood focuses on the holistic education of our students: health and wellness, community and environmental connectedness, and student-engaged learning.  "Growing healthy bodies and healthy minds."

The Fraud Hotline provides charter school employees and citizens with a way to report suspected fraudulent activity by charter employees, vendors, contractors, etc. Allegations reported over the Fraud Hotline are evaluated and investigated.


Online Fraud Report Form

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  • Feb03
    Parent Meeting (Auditorium)
  • Feb06
    Ms Stewart & Ms Kay Fieldwork - Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Arts
  • Feb09
    5th Grade Celebration of Learning
  • Feb13
    Carry Kindness Week

    February 13-16

    3rd Grade Fieldwork - Murry Farm Trail "Snowshoeing"
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