Educating the Whole Child.

Our Story

the greenwood tree

The next time you see a tree, you might stop to consider why GreenWood selected this as its symbol and mascot.

When we first looked for a property to build our physical space, we found this beautiful 12 acre farm in Harrisville. Reaching out to us, with its strong, inviting limbs was a lone tree, growing out of a tin shed used for holding irrigation pipe valves.

The GreenWood Tree Analogy

OUR SCHOOL CULTURE draws a lot from the world around us! Each part of our “ecosystem” plays a vital part in the functioning of our school, and they each have a title.
OUR STUDENTS ARE THE SEEDLINGS Every other part of the system works to support them and guide them on their way to growing into mighty trees.
OUR TEACHERS ARE THE TREES Trees grow much better together than apart. Groups of trees together stand strong and protect each other from danger. The teacher trees help protect and guide the student seedlings.
OUR PARENTS ARE THE SUN Trees, like any plant, rely on sunlight to grow. Parents play an integral role in helping their students succeed, and our school encourages their support in all areas of student development.
OUR ADMINISTRATION IS THE WATER Our administration strives to help every part of the school. The end goal is to aid the seedlings, but they also focus on supporting teachers so they can be the most effective teacher trees possible.


Trees always grow toward the light

And that is why we need you, our families to support our growing forest of trees and seedlings with your light.


Trees grow stronger through adversity

Removing of the competition for water, sunlight, and soil nutrients, doesn't help trees, it weakens them. the chosen trees would be released to grow and develop in extraordinary ways.

Trees grow best in forests, not in isolation

In nature it's unusual to see a tree standing alone. Trees almost always grow in groves, and over time these become forests like the one we hope to grow at GreenWood.


Trees draw strength from previous generations

Trees draw strength from the nutrients created by previous generations of trees. People, like trees, who share a common direction and sense of community can grow more easily supported by the work of trees before it.

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