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School Land Trust

a program through the state that allots each school funds to enhance education.

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The GreenWood School Board serves as the GreenWood School Land Trust Committee. We hold public meetings during the following months:

  • January Board Meeting
  • March Board Meeting
  • April Board Meeting

Our Trust Land Council meets throughout the year as part of the public Board meetings.  Please join our board meetings during these months for input to this council.

For more information about School Land Trust or to attend a meeting, contact  Please follow the link below to see our plan for this year and previous years:

School Land trust

Teacher and Student Success Plan

Current School Land Trust Committee Members 2023-2024 School Year

 chart Jayme Nay Chair (Parent)


 chart Gina McInelly Parent


 chart Dr. Carey Lloyd Community Member


 chart Cheryl Hendricks Parent


Daniel Bedford Board Member (parent)


The Board of Directors follows Robert's Rules of Order in all board meetings and the following Policy.

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