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Please only fill out one application per family/student. Applying with more than one application per family will not increase your chance for acceptance.  GreenWood Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. GreenWood Charter School admissions and transfer policies comply with the Utah Code 53A-1a506.5, IDEA 2004, and civil rights laws. GreenWood serves students Kindergarten through 8th grade.  If you have any questions or concerns about the enrollment process, please see our FAQs or email us at

GreenWood is a free Public Charter School serving grades K-8. We accept up to 25 students in each grade, Kinder through 8th.  All student applications have an equal opportunity.  Currently accepting students in grades K-8.

Listed below are the policies GreenWood requires each parent read before submitting the enrollment form. At the end of the registration process, there will be a series of questions verifying you have read these policies.

As a public charter school, GreenWood is required to enroll students using a random lottery. For more information on enrollment policies, lottery procedures, and class size, please refer to our Enrollment Policy.  We will be opening enrollment after Thanksgiving, November 2023 and holding our first lottery the end of January 2024, continuing every month after until all student openings are filled.   The number of offers is roughly equivalent to the number of slots that have been vacated. There are about 450 K8 slots.

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Drop-off & Pick Up Safety Plan

The goal of this plan is to safely and efficiently coordinate drop-off and pickup for all GreenWood students and families. Thank you for helping create a safe, kind, and efficient experience for all.

  • SCHOOL START: The doors will open at 8:00 am for students to enter the building and to gather breakfast.  Monday through Thursday - School starts at 8:05 am. School is dismissed at 3:00 pm.  Friday - School starts at 8:05 am. School is dismissed at 12:30 pm.  All students should be picked up no later than 25 minutes after school is released
    • K-5 students will enter the building through the front doors
    • 6-8 students will enter the building through the east doors
    • Parents may walk students to the door. Parents may enter the office after 8:20 am
  • DROP OFF LANE: Please pull your car to the front of the carpool lane (west side of the building) and allow students to exit onto the sidewalk from the car. Driving to the front will allow several cars to unload at one time and keep the line from backing up.
  • AM TRAFFIC FLOW: In the morning please consider the lanes in the parking lot to be a SINGLE lane. Watch for traffic in front and behind you before turning. 
  • PM TRAFFIC FLOW: In the afternoon please consider the lanes in the parking lot to be DOUBLE lanes. The outside lane is for picking students up in the carpool line. The inside lane is for parking and walking to pick up students from the door. Please fill both lanes as needed to reduce traffic on Highway 89. Cars should not be waiting on Highway 89 south of the turning lane.
  • NORTHSIDE STREET PARKING: If it is necessary for you to park your vehicle on the north side of the entry/exit on Highway 89, please walk to the building to accompany your students to the car. This is not a preferred pickup method, but we know we need to utilize all options to make carpool run smoothly. Parking on the south side of the entrance is prohibited at all times.
  • SPEED LIMIT: on campus is always 5 MPH or slower. Please watch for people and vehicles at all times.
  • PARKING AT PICKUP: Parents may park in the center two rows of stalls of the parking lot and walk to the door to pick up their students. Please help us keep the front looking neat by keeping small children out of the flower gardens.
  • STUDENT NUMBERS: Every family will get a pickup number. Please display it on your front window. If you do not have your number sign, you will need to tell your number to the carpool monitor. A carpool monitor will enter your number into our system and your student will exit the school. If you have multiple students, they should meet each other outside on the pavers to wait. Students from different groves will not be allowed to meet siblings inside the building. Students will not be allowed to leave the building without the number being entered. If you are carpooling with another family, you will need to provide their carpool number. 
  • CROSSWALKS: Please follow instructions from the crosswalk monitor at dropoff and pickup. We prioritize getting cars into a space for kids to enter or exit and then will allow people to cross safely. Please do not cross in areas without a crosswalk when cars are present. Crosswalk monitors are trained to help traffic flow and people move as quickly as possible. 
  • RIGHT-HAND TURNS: preferred to enter and exit the building. When coming from the north consider using Washington BLVD to Larsen lane to enter from the west and for exiting if you need to go south consider making a U-turn safely at the light.
  • CELL PHONE USE: Please be hands-free and alert while in the parking lot.
  • IDLING: One pillar of our school is environmental stewardship. Please help model this value by refraining from idling cars.
  • GREENWOOD IS A CLEAN AIR ZONE! State law prohibits smoking and vaping on school property. Please refrain from those practices even in closed cars while on GreenWood property.

Returning students should receive an email regarding their intent to return, with the option to enroll any siblings. If you do not receive this email, please contact our office at

If a student has been offered a position at GreenWood and wishes to accept, the student's parent must complete the Acceptance Letter emailed to the primary guardian before we can officially enroll that student.

Occasionally we offer Flu Clinics and Immunization Clinics by CNS

Flu Clinic - Sept 22, 2022 during Learner Goal Conferences

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