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BTSALP Art Specialist

Lydia Stewart

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UG Nature Journaling Syllabus

As an Idaho farm girl, and a proud graduate of BYU-Idaho, I learned early on what it means to set goals and work hard to achieve them. I graduated as an honor student with a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education. I discovered how to be a successful student though persistence even when learning did not come easily for me. Along the way, I developed a passion for the Arts. Participation in choirs, theater, dance, and visual arts deepened my education and allowed me to make discoveries and connections that I could not have made in any other way.  I recently completed my Visual Art Endorsement, and have been inspired by the power of an Arts Integrated Education. I love deepening the students Expeditions through art exploration.

I have been a longtime advocate for charter schools, and proudly stand behind GreenWood's amazing core values. I feel passionate about the 'Expeditionary Learning' model and the school's holistic approach to education, health, and living a balanced life. Example is the most powerful teaching form, and I work hard to model an active, healthy life-style for my students. I have seen firsthand the unique success achieved by an EL Education, and I love contributing to the amazing learning environment offered through Visual Art at GreenWood.

I've enjoyed over six years of educational practice, either serving on a school board or teaching 1st and 2nd Grade, Preschool, Art, and Music. This experience has reinforced my firm belief that parents play a vital role in the success of a school and classroom. Parent involvement in "Growing Greenwood" is both essential and greatly appreciated in the art room. I welcome parent communication, cooperation, and art discovery. Come paint with us or volunteer in the art room!

My life is rich and full with opportunity! I am an active mother of four beautiful children, 3 of whom attend GreenWood. Needless to say, I am heavily invested in the school's success. I've enjoyed almost 15 years of marriage to my best friend and biggest supporter. I stay busy serving in my church, baking, picking blackberries, and up-dating an older home. In my spare time, I love to draw and paint, read, quilt, write poetry, and illustrate children's books. I integrate healthy living through family bike rides and hikes, tennis, and as a member of a co-ed volleyball team. Team sports have always been my favorite, because I feel that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Similarly, the GreenWood "forest" is superior because of the combined efforts of each individual "tree."

I agree with Picasso that, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Health & Wellness Coach

Diana Sciandra

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Diana Sciandra is an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach (INHC)  with expertise in K-8 Education. With a passion for nutrition, nature and mindfulness, Diana has dedicated her career to education, working with elite athletes and students . Diana is known for her nutrition/gardening classes, hands on health coaching, her sports performance mindfulness training and has made significant contributions in the educational field redefining how to educate the whole child.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Virginia. Diana developed a keen interest in Forest Management and Fire Science in college. She pursued her education at Citrus College where she obtained certifications in Wildland Fire Science and Forest Management. This educational foundation equipped her with a solid career with The United States Forest Service for 13 years as a Wildland Firefighter.  

Throughout her Forest Service career, Diana also became a competitive snowboarder earning many medals at a national level. Later on becoming a USASA certified Snowboard and Skateboard Coach demonstrating exceptional qualities working with youth and helping athletes rise to their highest potential. Working under the United States Snowboard Team coaches at Mammoth Mountain, Diana gained a love for mindful movement and mindful sport’s performance. She possesses a deep understanding of nutrition and mindfulness, allowing her to identify innovative solutions and drive positive outcomes in competition. Diana’s ability to be well rounded holistically has been instrumental in athletes earning many podiums and accomplishments over the years.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Diana is committed to rewriting how we teach our next generation about Healthy Habits and Holistic Health. Diana earned certifications in the field of integrative nutrition and actively contributes to education working at GreenWood Charter School. Through her 9 years as an educator in the public school system she believes in the power of holistic health, social and emotional learning and strives to make a difference through her educational classes for youth. 

When not immersed in her work, Diana enjoys snowboarding, paddle boarding, skateboarding, biking, hiking, teaching and practicing yoga and many other outdoor activities that fuel her knowledge of connecting body, mind and spirit to provide a well-rounded perspective about life. Diana finds inspiration in family, movement and healthy foods and seeks to continuously learn and grow in both personal/professional aspects of her life.

As a professional Health Coach, Mindfulness Educator, skateboard/snowboard coach, RYT Yoga instructor and public educator for 9 years, Diana is dedicated to teaching youth, leveraging her expertise in nutrition, mindfulness and extreme sports. 

She is driven by a desire to change the educational system from the inside out, and her work exemplifies grit and perseverance that inspire others, leaving a lasting impact on our future generations.

Physical Education Coach

Ms. Erika

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Adventure Sports Syllabus

Health Syllabus

I am Ms. Erika! I am not only new to GreenWood this year, but the Utah area as well. I was born and raised in Kansas my whole life and went to college an hour north of my hometown at Wichita State University. I am making the big move to Utah this summer and am so excited for a new adventure! A little about me - I have been involved in sports my whole life, which is what led me to getting a degree in Health & Physical Education.

 I participated in Track & Field during my 5 years at Wichita State and I threw the Javelin. Although I am officially retired from collegiate athletics, I love to challenge my boyfriend in many different sports during our free time. I will be teaching specials physical education classes for K-5 as well as an elective physical education class and a health class for the Upper Grove students. I look forward to teaching them so many different skills and learning more about EL Education this year.

I loved the impact that my former teacher had on me and I hope to make just as much impact on my future students.

Environmental Education Teacher


Olga Lofthouse

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Ethno-Botany Syllabus

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Music/Technology Teacher

Lexi Nelsen

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UG Music Concepts Syllabus

Hello everyone, my name is Lexi Nelsen but my students call me Ms. Lexi! I just started teaching here in January, and I've been loving getting to meet all my students. A little bit about me- I just recently married my best friend and moved to the Northern Utah area, I absolutely love music and the way that it connects people, I could play pickleball or tennis every day, and I love spending time with friends and family, especially if it involves board games. ;)

I teach the specials music classes for K-5 and the Upper Grove Music Concepts class.  It has been so fun! In the specials classes, we have been learning to dance to Cotton-eye Joe and have been drumming on the African drums! In our Upper Grove class, we are really looking forward to our "Music in Cinema Project", where we will learn the difference that music can make in a movie, and then students will create a visual representation.

 I am so excited that I get a chance to get to know the students here at GreenWood!

Crew & Character / Adventure Teacher

Ms. Ashlee

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I am Mrs. Ashlee! I am from right here in Ogden Utah. I grew up going to Venture Academy, a sister charter school in northern Utah, and I LOVE EL! I graduated high school and chose to serve an LDS mission, where I lived In Alberta Canada for a little over a year doing service for others. Once back in Utah I attended UVU for a year, as well as continuing my education through WGU.  

I was able to be a part of a company who works with children who have Autism. I absolutely loved being with those kids and developing more skills to better help them succeed in life.  I recently got married this summer to my husband Justin, and we are living our best lives! When I am not at work or doing school, I am spending as much time with him as possible.



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