Educating the Whole Child.

Family Crew Organization

Parent support is essential to the success of the GreenWood Charter School and your participation is expected and embraced. 

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Our FCO provides necessary leadership to organize parent volunteers in coordination with school needs. Through this organization, parents can find a variety of ways to contribute their talents to the school. Families are surveyed during registration to help us understand their interests and opportunities for volunteering and/or acting as community experts. Families are asked to stay current with Family Crew opportunities to grow GreenWood via our FaceBook page, Friday newsletters, and teacher newsletters/emails.  Please email if you have an area of expertise or a hobby that you would like to share with GreenWood to contribute your volunteer hours. Get involved to GROW GREENWOOD!


Be heard


Facilitate communication between the teachers, parents, and students.


Be engaged


Improve parent participation in their child(ren)’s education.


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Rally + Organize

Rally and organize parent volunteers when and where needed.


be creative


Raise funds for various educational and organizational efforts.

All parents and guardians of children currently enrolled at GreenWood Charter School are automatically considered members of the FCO. Each member is welcomed as a valuable contributor to the mission and goals of the crew. The success of the FCO rests on the commitment and contributions of our parent body.

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Welcome families of current and past GreenWood Charter School! Family engagement is what makes GreenWood so special. Never miss a moment!


Family Events

We love our families!

FCO Meetings

The FCO has regular meetings once a month while school is in session and occasional, additional meetings. Monthly meetings are open to all guardians of children enrolled in the school. The FCO meets on the first Friday of each month @ 9:00 a.m. Both of these meetings will be in-person as well as streamed via Zoom. Small children are welcome to come and sit on laps or play quietly. We invite all to participate!  

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