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Say BOO to the Flu Clinic

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Thursday, September 21, 2023

1:30-4:00 PM


Students, Siblings, Parents, Family, Neighbors, and Friends

Earth Day Family Night

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Friday, April 29 5-8pm

Families come ready to do some service work in the “Back Seven”, eat food, play games and buy from students and local vendors. K-5 will be singing some songs for us at 6pm and we will finish up the night with a bonfire and treats! Raffle prizes will be up for grabs as well.   

Have a booth or want to pitch in prizes for the raffle to promote your business, contact Coach D at

We are also needing volunteers to take care of the popcorn machine, water station, and various booths. If interested please contact Coach D 

 Upper Grove (grade 6-8) Redwood Dance  Upper Grove (grade 6-8) Redwood Dance

2022 GreenWood Art Reflections Contest

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Note from Mrs. Stewart

Our amazing school is overflowing with artists and we enjoy celebrating their talents in the annual school Reflections Contest.  This year, we had some wonderful entries that creatively fit the theme: "Small Seeds Grow Mighty Trees".  We hope you enjoy their hard work! (click on the Art Reflections picture for reflection participants)

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2021 Winter Intensives

2021 Ogden Light Parade


Nov 10 & 12 

Slammin' Poetry at GreenWood Charter 

4th Grade Celebration of Learning & Forest Crew Presentation

Forest Crew Entry Form


Fall Family Night

October 22 @ 5:30 PM

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3-7


Below is an itinerary of the week's events along with suggestions of ways to participate.
Monday- "Holy Guacamole" Students let's give our teachers/paras appreciation by following all the school/crew norms, and give FIVE compliments to others while at school today!
Tuesday- "Lets Fiesta" Students wear your teacher's favorite color today!
Wednesday- "Cinco De Mayo" Students while learning at home today write, email, draw a note, or picture of appreciation and bring it into your teacher/para on Thursday at school!
Thursday- "OLE" Students let's show off and do ONE Random Act of Kindness (R.A.O.K.) for our teacher/paras today!
 Friday- "Muchas Gracias" Students let's say "THANK YOU" by bringing in your teacher's favorite treat, snack, or classroom supply!
We would like to thank the FCO and Sarah Powell for the time, energy, and creativity in supporting our Teachers and Staff!

Better World Day ~ May 7, 2021 | Food Drive

Our Online Students & Teachers are partnering with OWCAP (Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership) for a Better World Day Food Drive.  Please bring donations to the office by May 7, 2021.

"Change for Cessna"

Cessna: Peregrine Falcon

Cessna came to the Nature Center in May of 2013 from Justin Neighbors, an animal rehabilitator in Hurricane, Utah.  Former Board Treasurer, David Malone, flew Nature Center staff members to Southern Utah in his private plane, a Cessna, to pick up this falcon and our Barn Owl.  Nature Center staff and patrons named her after the aircraft that brought her here.  A permanent dislocation of her right elbow joint lead to a wing amputation making it impossible for her to fly and catch food.  In the wild, Peregrines eat pigeons and doves, waterfowl, songbirds, and waders.  Here at ONC, Cessna enjoys quail and chicken.   From the 1950s to the 1970s, peregrines became almost extinct due to DDT poisoning, hunting, and egg collection.  Once the use of DDT was restricted, peregrines bred in captivity and released to the wild were able to reproduce. The peregrine falcon was removed from the U.S.Endangered Species list in 1999.

Our school collected over $250 to sponsor Cessna at Ogden Nature Center.  This donation will help feed her for the next year.  Families can visit her at the Nature Center and see "GreenWood" as her sponsor.  

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GreenWood students worked hard to earn and find "Change for Cessna".  Ogden Nature Center created and provided this thoughtful video for our students to see Cessna.  THANK YOU for all the donations and ENJOY!

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FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2021 - 5-7 PM


Shoe Drive

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April 12-30

We are working with Hannah Olsen, Miss Northern Utah, on a shoe drive. We have a collection of old and new shoes in the works and as you are spring cleaning, start collecting your shoes to donate!  This begins April 12th and ends on April 30th. Her goal is to collect 1,000 pairs of shoes.  This is a service project she is working on as she prepares to run for Miss Utah.  You can bring your shoes into the office.

Earth Week

April 19-23, 2021

For Wednesday's prize, email a picture of you collecting trash to!


EL Education - May 7, 2021

Each year thousands of students from the EL Education network take action on Better World Day to contribute to their local communities, connect with each other, and celebrate meaningful student work. It’s a day where we get to experience school the way our students do every day: as a place where learning is the key to changing the world.

Projects & Volunteer Opportunities
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Virtual Ogden Marathon for Kids
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A Peek at Art

Thinking Creatively

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