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Environmental Education

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”
—Jane Goodall

Environmental education engages students and raises achievement in science, math, language arts, and social studies. It also prepares them for the growing green workforce, provides service learning opportunities with the greater community, and creates a new generation of environmental stewards.

A supportive learning environment is key to growing our "seedlings."  Within a climate of collaboration, community, character and compassion, our students will learn to connect their choices to consequences that impact their social, emotional and physical environment. We will work with our students to set high academic standards, promote creativity, discovery, reflection and balance. 

Environment is more than connecting with the outdoors—it is mindfully developing a sense of self to connect with others in a meaningful way. We want our students to feel a sense of connection and responsibility to the world. 

What is a Green School?  A Green School enhances students health and learning while conserving natural resources and empowering students to develop sustainable behaviors, enabling them to become the stewards of the future.

Becoming a green school is not a prescribed journey; it is a series of conscious actions that lead to more ecological and sustainable practices. By using the Green School National Network's "GreenPrint" as a road map, GreenWood is developing a long-term commitment to these core practices and work toward implementation of all benchmarks at the highest level.  

In May of 2016, GreenWood was awarded PLATINUM Green School  and will continue to work with USEE to apply for a Green School Award for GreenWood each school year. 

Green school facilities are healthier for students and school staff and improve learning and working conditions. They also save money and natural resources, and can become a "living lab" that provide hands-on opportunities for experiential learning.

GreenWood focuses on being a Green School and providing environmental education to our students focused on:

Education about the environment (building awareness, understanding and skills necessary to obtain this understanding);
Education in (or from) the environment (where learning occurs in nature, outside of the classroom); and
Education for the environment (the ultimate goal being conservation and sustainable development).



Raising awareness of the need for environmental conservation is the first step in any programmer.



Developing a deeper understanding of the principles and complex issues involved.


Values + Ethics

Building personal and societal commitment to conservation.



Facilitating changes in behavior and action that promote sustainable development as a new mode of living.

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Mindful Schools 

Many of our staff have participated in a Mindful Schools training.  Our Health Coach shares her training to our staff and students through mindful class opportunities.  We invite our parents and families to participate ~ Mindful School Manual.

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GreenWood's TerraCycle Program

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