Educating the Whole Child.

EL Education

Redefining and raising student achievement

At GreenWood, we partner with EL Education to implement a school development model of learning that promotes excellence through collaboration.  This model gives students a hand-on approach to learning through exploration. 

When students and teachers are engaged in work that is challenging, adventurous and meaningful, learning and achievement flourish. Our mission is to create classrooms where teachers can fulfill their highest aspirations, and students achieve more than they think possible, becoming active contributors to building a better world.   

We believe that when a student is done with school and enters adult life, she will be judged for the rest of her life not by her performance on tests of basic skills, but by the quality of her work and the quality of her character. Our vision of student achievement therefore has three dimensions: Mastery of Knowledge and Skills and Content, Character, and  High-Quality Student Work.

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