Educating the Whole Child.



Kelli Bouslaugh

SPED Paraprofessional

I was born in Utah, but I consider Northwest Indiana, where I did most of my growing up, to be my home. I am starting my second year here at GreenWood as a para and I am so excited to spend time with my students and help them learn and grow in school and as little humans. I have started back to school with a major in elementary education and I am even more excited to work towards my degree and having my own classroom one day. 

I am married to my favorite human in the whole world and we have two kids, both of whom attend GreenWood. I also have a cat and a very large, old dog who loves nothing more than to sit on my lap. Reading is my favorite thing to do, closely followed by watching movies and listening to music. I love a number of nerdy things such as (but not limited to) Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Batman, Marvel, and Lord of the Rings. I am so looking forward to this school year and all the adventures that will be had with the little humans I will have the privilege of teaching and loving!

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